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The ACE (American Council on Exercise) certifications offer a pretty decent value and are recognized by many gyms & health clubs throughout the United States.

The ACE offers the Personal Trainer Certification as well as advanced certifications for example to train disabled or injured clients, young children or seniors.


The ACE Personal Trainer Certification (CPT):

Are There Requirements?

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a valid adult CPR and AED certification.
  • It is recommended that you have a minimum of 100 hours of practical experience in a Gym or Health Club. This is not a requirement that is enforced but more of a suggestion to make it easier for you to pass the exam.

If you want to go for one of the ACE advanced certifications, you must pass the CPT exam first.


What Will You Be Able To Do With Your ACE CPT Certification?
The ACE Personal Trainer Certification exam ensures that the Personal Trainer is always up-to-date with the latest research and insights of today’s fitness & health science. The exam is regularly updated to reflect the newest changes in science, if you pass this exam you will be able to:

  • Perform risk factor screening
  • Execute fitness assessment tests for all clients
  • Assemble nutrition plans
  • Be an expert in exercise science
  • Exercise programming and progressions
  • Implement instructional and spotting techniques
  • Perform lifestyle modifications
  • Have a professional scope of practice


How Much Does The ACE Certification Cost?
The ACE offers 3 different certification packages, which are priced as follows:

  • Premier Study Bundle Including Exam Voucher – $579.95
  • includes: All study materials and Exam Registration Voucher, good for 1 year after purchase so you have everything from preparation to sitting the exam.
  • Deluxe Study Bundle – $399.95
  • includes: All study materials
  • Standard Study Bundle – $284.95
  • includes: Essential study materials

If you plan to take the exam 6-12 months after the purchase date of the study materials, you really should buy the Premier Study Bundle which includes the exam registration voucher. You will save $123.00 compared to if you would purchase the study course and the exam registration individually.

Otherwise stick to the Deluxe Study Bundle because it contains all study material except the registration voucher, which is valid for one year. So if you know you will take the exam later than one year better save the money because the exam voucher is non-refundable!


Helpful Resources & Study Material:
You can purchase all study material also individually, simply go to the ACE online store and look around for what you need.
- ACE Study Material

Read ACE’s exam preparation blog which contains a lot of helpful information.
- Exam Preparation Blog


The ACE Certification looks less expensive than the other NCCA accredited certification programs. ACE is still widely recognized just not as popular as for example NASM or NCSA which are often more welcome in the eyes of a Gym owner or Fitness manager.

With ACE you have to recertify every 2 years at approx. $400, so in the end the cost for maintaining your certification is about the same as with other organizations that are more popular amongst employers.
(That doesn’t mean ACE is bad, it just means that there are other options that could make it easier for you to find a job.)

Continue here with the NSCA review.

- NSCA Certification

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